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On March 16th, the NATO  International Military Staff distributed to all Military representatives the NATO FUTURE NAVAL MINE WARFARE VISION PAPER.

The intention of this Vision is to give NATO, its Allies and Partners guidance in the way forward for NMW, setting the conditions for follow-on work from today into the long term (2040+).
NATO’s Future Naval Mine Warfare Vision is:
“To maintain, through innovation and continuous improvement, a credible, interoperable, adaptable, resilient, and sustainable Naval Mine Warfare (NMW) capability that enables joint and maritime operations. The capability is ready to conduct defensive and offensive NMW in order to accomplish the assigned missions.”
This document envisages the required changes for the capability landscape in NMW,considering technological innovations and the continuous transition including taking advantage of opportunities and reducing risks along the spectrum from a manned to an unmanned approach in the area of Naval Mine Countermeasures. It also highlights the requirement for the revitalization of Naval Mine Laying.

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