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nato naval mine warfare centre of excellence

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As organisers

Our team shares its experience and expertise in many wyas

 As organisers : The NMW COE organises with MARCOM the annual NMW conference

List of organised events

As contributors

As contributors : experts from the NMW COE give presentations and/or briefings at several events, conferences, seminars… every year

List of events

Maritime COEs LL forum

As attendees

As attendees : our experts must keep track of evolutions in the maritime and naval mine warfare world. Therefore, they attend seminars; conferences, workshops,… to maintain their expertise

List of events

As members

As members, the experts of the NMW COE participate in Working Groups and Panels, Project Teams and in other initiatives, like:

Working Groups under the NATO Standardization Office (NSO):

  • Naval Mine Warfare Working Group (NMWWG), membership, plus the subordinate:

Tactics and Tools Evaluation Panel  (TTEP), co-chairmanship

NMW information Exchange Requirements (IER) Panel, membership

Sub-Group MCM EXPERT, chairmanship

Sub-Group Planning & Evaluation (P&E), chairmanship

Very Shallow Water (VSW) Panel, membership

  • Amphibious Operations Working Group, participation
  • Maritime Operations Working Group (MAROPSWG), participation in Syndicate 1 (Underwater Warfare)

Working Groups under the NATO Naval Armament Groups:

  • UnderWater Warfare Capability Group (UWWCG), membership, plus the subordinate:

Naval Mine Warfare Syndicate, chairmanship

Other Initiatives:

  • Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative (MUSI), membership in the Steering Board
  • ACT LL spring week and LL fall conference