Out of 21 post in the COEs Manning, 9 are SUBJECT MATTERS EXPERTS  posts.

 The supporting staff consists of 4 posts dedicated to the NMW COE but dual hatted with functions within EGUERMIN and 8 posts for personnel supporting both EGUERMIN and the NMW COE


The SC is responsible for the direction, guidance and supervision of the NMW COE. It approves the POW and the operational budget, as well as supervises its execution.

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The SC consists of one voting representative from each Participant. The Chairman of SC is from the FN, but is neither identical with the representative of the FN as a Participant, nor is it with the Director. If invited by the SC, the Director attends the meeting of the SC. The Chairman and Director do not have a vote in the SC.

The decisions of the SC will be taken by consensus of the representatives. Consensus means that unanimity is required (vote or abstain).

The SC as a strategic governing body, is solely responsible for the approval and management of the Centres’ POW and shared budget. When considering the POW, the SC will give the first priority of the NATO NMW COE activities to the requests by NATO, taking into account the capabilities of the Centre and the available resources. The SC will then task the Director to manage execution of the POW and budget.