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nato naval mine warfare centre of excellence

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2024 Naval Mine Warfare Conference

“Teetering Between Present and Future. Challenges and Opportunities of Future Naval Mine Countermeasures. Command and Control, Interoperability, Data Management, Critical Underwater Infrastructure Protection”.     Naval Mine Warfare is as relevant as ever. The NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO NMW COE) aims to drive and support the development of all that is […]

2024 SG P&E registration

The 2024 Subgroup Planning and Evaluation of the TTEP to the NMWWG takes place from 23 APR – 25 APR 2024 in Kiel, Germany. Click here to register. Click here to see the calling note. Click here to see the admin details. Click here to see EXTAC 886. Click here to see EXTAC 887.

2024 Naval Mine Laying Panel

In 2024 the Naval Mine Laying Panel (MLP) to the NMWWG will be kicked off at the DEU Naval Operations School Bremerhaven. Please see the calling note and admin details.