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Annex B to the NMW COE Operational MOU

Terms of Reference of the NMW COE’s Steering Committee

  1. Within the framework of the MOU, the SC is responsible for guidance and supervision of all the NMW COE activities and administration, taking into consideration Participants’ interests regarding all matters pertaining to the NMW COE.
  1. The responsibilities and tasks of the SC will include, but will not be limited, to:

a. Providing the long-term strategic perspective and reviewing and approving the development plan for the NMW COE;
b.Monitoring the performance of the mission and tasks of the NMW COE including its funding, administration and personnel establishment;
c. Approving the budget and POW for the coming fiscal year; 
d. Approving and amending the FAP and directives for the operation of the NMW COE;
e. Approving annual financial statements; 
f. Reviewing and noting the medium-term financial plan and approving the budget report of the Director;
Considering and approving additional out-of-cycle requests for the POW and possible amendments to the budget;
Directing auditing functions and reviewing audit reports;
Recommending the terms of participation of Partners in the NMW COE activities and encourage the conclusion of corresponding appropriate agreements in accordance with Sec. 4.9.;
Approving job descriptions of the NMW COE personnel;
Addressing other administrative issues;
Providing guidance on the functional relationships of the NMW COE with other entities;
m. Reviewing and amending the Concept of the NMW COE;
n. Proposing changes to the MOU and its Annexes to the Participants through the FN.
o. Noting the Director’s report of any procedure in accordance with Section 16.5 and decides if a Participant’s obligations are fulfilled.
p. Establishing subsidiary bodies such as working groups that report to the SC.

  1. The SC is entitled to:

a. Task the Director and
Get assistance from the NMW COE through its Director.

  1. The SC will meet at least once a year. The SC will determine the frequency, the place and duration of the meetings.

  1. The NMW COE SC Chair is responsible for preparing the meetings, including timely distribution of the invitation and the agenda with adequate supporting documentation. The agendas of SC meetings will be drawn up in advance and distributed together with all other supporting documents needed for any decision at least 45 days prior to each meeting. Agreed minutes will be distributed to the members of the SC. A record of the decisions reached will be distributed at the end of each meeting.

  1. No SC decisions can be taken under silence procedure. The decisions can be taken by other means of communication than a meeting, as agreed by the SC.

  1. Each Participant may provide any other required experts in an advisory capacity to support its SC representative.

  1. HQ SACT will, and after approval of the SC, other entities may be invited as observers without a vote.

  1. The SC will be chaired by an appropriately ranked official provided by the FN.

  1. The Chair of the SC is to:

a. Be responsible for conducting the meetings of the SC,
b. Oversee the execution of the decisions taken by the SC,
c. If necessary, arrange for decisions to be taken by the SC between meetings,
d. In matters of this MOU, maintain liaison between the NMW COE Director and Participants as well as HQ SACT,
e. Represent the SC in external relations under explicit tasking by the SC.